Wintering in England

Q: What’s Wintering for Five Months in Manchester Like?

A: You’ve been in Manchester 5 months?


manchester uk sunset oldham

and that’s a bit what it looks like

Yup, mmhmm. Seems like freaking ages, right? I can’t tell if time just skipped a few songs or my memory of the past months is all white noise but a lot’s happened.

This is just a brief update.

we've got housemates in oldham

we’ve got housemates!

We went from sleeping in a tent to sleeping in a house

In only a few weeks, although we did sleep in our sleeping bags in an unfurnished room for months after that. But hey, when the rain’s coming down every freakin’ day you bet you’re gonna want a roof.

Warning : watch out for Northern English Time – as an American it’ll make you anxious. Nobody’s in a hurry to rent out a place, even if it means making money, and I had countless no-show landlords when searching for a place. YOU have to track them down and insist on an early date even if the place has been up for months!


cobblestones, bricks and english picksWe found some alternative ways to make money in the winter months

Busking Manchester was pretty decent in November and December because they have a Christmas Market which drew a lot of tourists and locals. The markets were pretty cool, and we could make our rent happen, but we wanted a little bit of extra.

Charmonix started working at a local pub. And Tom delved into the world of Elance to get his feet wet on programming. This was also to fulfill the stereotype insisted upon by countless people who observed us busking and asked, “Do you do this for a living or are you actually programmers?”

frydays fish and chips shop lees england

mmmm fish and chips can be tasty

We started eating battered fish 2 times a week

Tesco Cod beats Asda Halibut, Plaice is the best. Any questions?

We played some really rocking paid gigs

Only a couple – but it’s ego boosting to get offered a paid gig anywhere in the world. Based on my limited anecdotal evidence I would say England treats their musicians a tad better. Kudos to the Nelson Tavern in Stockport and the Bank Top Tavern in Oldham, if you’re ever in the Manchester area check these places out.

east cackalacky tricks

to the future!

We came to the decision that we absolutely need to finish this tour, all the way to Asia and then back to the states

You bet it’s gonna happen. But not until it’s actually warm anywhere because last April was a rainy hell. And not until we also become computer programmers so we can eat foie gras and stay in hostels every now and again.


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