Week 18 ::: England

And here’s the final tally:

east cackalacky busks the world

East Cack map

Six countries and 56 cities in four months of traveling.

Not bad, eh? But now we have to head back to England. And we’re not exactly sure what we’ll do for three months of Shengen-zone exile.

Last time England didn’t treat us so well. Is it time to look for some side-hustles so we can sustain ourselves?

crapbot lille france

Questionable bot

But we made up our minds. We dump Crudbot the (???), the saw, the bow, all East Cack paraphernalia, the excess beer we wanted to smuggle in. We cover all our bases.

And, yeah, we get through just fine. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from traveling it’s to always be polite and pretend you’re a college student.

In London, we get a heroes welcome from our friends.

And on the 18th week, The Cack rests.


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