Week 16 in Review ::: And Finally, the Payoff

And finally, the Payoff …

hitchhiking to hamburg with snail

Hitchhiking to Hamburg

Monday July 29th

Holy crap, is it almost August? Where has the time gone ?!?!

In the almost 3 months we’ve been in Europe we’ve made it from the English channel to the Mediterranean Sea and today we hit a Northern point: The Baltic Sea. Congratulations, that’s a lotta hitchhiking!

Tuesday July 30th

whopping 60 Euros in only a half hour of playing. WAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!
We barely have to work and we have 160 Euros by the end of the day. It’s Provincetown
take two – no, it’s easier than Provincetown because there’s a whole lot less
competition. This laptop thing is completely possible now! We’re SO CLOSE. Did I mention that Lubeck rocks ?!

tank speed Lubeck Germany

Observe tank speed

Wednesday July

More of that ol’ busking, we coast on easy all day, playing half hour sets at a time
and really enjoying the hell out of this entertainment stuff. The best busking is
always the one where you’re making money because money is a physical vote. When you hear that coin drop in your box you feel appreciated enough to want to continue.
And you try harder too! You banter with the audience, you smile more, you take a few
creative risks, you jump around, you get them involved. And that’s a good show!

Thursday August 1

Lubeck can’t last forever, and we seem to have worn out our welcome. One set
and we’re shut down for ‘harassing’ cafe customers. It’s perfectly legal to busk, the cops inform us, for a half-hour at a time before you have to move. Well, it’s a tiny town and we figure, maybe we should just keep moving on. Hamburg’s only a quick ride away, after all.

mmm sex shop in Hamburg

Daytime in the Reeperban

We arrive in Hamburg and head straight to the Reeperbahn to bask in it’s debauchery. Well, it seems pretty tame during the day. At night it’s a different story, prostitutes mix in with the late-night revelers. But it’s completely unbuskable. One of the loudest places ever. We try, but defeated we get drunk in a park and pass out in a cemetery.

Friday Aug 2

In the morning we wake up in the graveyard when the groundskeepers come to do upkeep.
Crankily we head towards downtown, depressed at our failure on the Reeperbahn.
But the tides turn: as we’re debating our options on the steps of an urban theater, a young German kid
turns around and offers us a solution. “You’re looking for a McDonalds and there’s one
right across from my house. You come over and you can take a shower and then if you
still want to use the internet you can go to McDonalds.” How can we say no? Lennart’s
offer is a welcome relief and one day turns into four…

hanging in Hamburg with friends

after-rave breakfast with Lennart and co

Saturday Aug 3

As in Friday turns into Saturday as we head off to an overnight rave, and get to explore the very watery canals of Hamburg. Cool scene: outdoor party along the canal, small intimate and people are really having a good time. It’s dancing time for the Cackalackies!

Sunday August 4th

Oh Hamburg, what was it we were here to do? Oh, right. Busk. But I don’t think we’re ready yet. Just one more night of fun in the Sternshanze…


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