Week 14 in Review ::: Busking the East Side

Where we went: Week 14

art and statues in nuremberg

hanging around Nuremberg

Monday July 15th

We hit Nuremberg but we don’t get too far. Right outside the old city gates we meet Polish immigrants with 8% beer. We play them some songs and they’re very generous new friends. Also, marzipan cake is delicious.

Tuesday July 16th

Rehearsing, drinking Lidl beer, more rehearsing, a wee bit of busking. The city is hot, hot, scalding in the day, but nighttime yields a gentle crowd. More Polish street kids with more 8% booze. These guys are dangerous.

bikes, stores, nuremberg shop front

The Americans like Nuremberg too

Wednesday July 17th

Nuremberg certainly has some competition: Russian opera singers in military costume, an accordion duo that plays Beethoven symphonies in sync, an Apocalyptica-style cello rock band. Did I mention it’s hot around here? But we get a nice crowd too, and ya can’t complain. Plus this city is beautiful and we’ve been sleeping right under the citadel walls like good little guerrilla tourists.

These cellos are pretty cool.

Thursday July 18th

Days in Germany are turning into days of lounging in the park. We try to practice, but whenever you start playing in the park, you will attract the locals. In Nuremberg it’s the kid who buys us beer and talks for hours…exclusively in German. Than there’s Geronimo, the 50 year old ex-con who likes to jam out on the guitar shirtless and talk about self-empowerment. He’s kinda like a mini-Arnold Schwarzenegger. Everywhere we go, we become part of the town’s landscape for a few days, blending into the scene before we get impatient and move on.

In the park with Geronimo.

Friday July 19th

Leipzig, we HEART you! We play one of our best shows ever to the crowd exiting the theater. 11:30 pm and we have a crowd, a stage and absolutely no one complaining. The Cack owns this town: the coolest kids around. We even attract American missionaries stationed in Leipzig. At the end of the day, we are sweaty, exhausted and smiling over 100€.

backpacker in a tent leipzig park oh no!

The Leipzig tent monster

Saturday July 20th

It’s the weekend, which means working our little butts off. Leipzig delivers, although there’s plenty of day competition which forces us into not the best spots. Our rewards are giant bratwurst and plenty of hefeweizen…did we mention that beer’s really cheap in Germany?

Sunday July 21st

It’s time for the big city! We’ve been slowly traveling through Germany and Berlin is the next stop. Yes, it sounds a bit intimidating, but we rocked Barcelona, didn’t we? Next!


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