We’re Still Alive!

The planned tour through Southern Europe:

Our actual route through Southern Europe:

We have to admit, it’s been a rough two weeks. From constant police shut-downs in the Mediterranean, to competing with too many buskers in Montpellier and Avignon…We’ve traveled through way more cities than intended. But three positives: the hitchhiking has gotten easier, it hasn’t been raining, and we now have a smart phone!

But because of the hardship, we’ve decided to skip Italy for now. If Spain was any indication of how tough a broke country is to busk, then Italy just isn’t going to improve our morale right now. We’d like to be able to keep this journey up so now we need to chase the money. It’s disappointing, but hey, if things go well in Switzerland and Germany (and all indications point to YES THEY WILL), then we’ll take a journey to Northern Italy in the future when we’re balling and just don’t know what to do with our cash.

Our planned route for the next week? Lausanne, Switzerland then Berne and Basel. And Southern Germany by next week.

Bring on the Frankfurts and Hamburgers!


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