New 30 Day Challenge

You might remember the 30 day busking challenge of 2011, in which East Cackalacky tried to make enough money for a laptop or a deposit on rent or a new vehicle, or really anything to improve their gear. Well, it wasn’t exactly a failure and it wasn’t exactly a success. But it did lead to our improvement as buskers and we felt successful enough that we returned to New England in 2012.

The 30-Day busking challenge of 2012 Has a MUCH BIGGER GOAL!

This time we’re going to try and fund our way across country AND fund a kickstarter to fund our way AROUND THE WORLD.

This one can only be a success!

We already launched the kickstarter and began our x-country tour this weekend in Alexandria, VA – in the 60 degrees October weather.

"where in the world is crudbot?"

It’s going to be a challenge for sure. Sleeping in a van in 40 degree weather? Ugh. Even if you can be warm under the blanket, it’s cold, cold, cold in the van. It’s cold, cold, cold outside too and people are not as happy to sit and watch a street performance.


NO WAY MAN! We have a country to cross and Busking the World Guide to fund and we gotta do it somehow. Goals are good, they’re kicking our ass into shape. We’ve never worked as hard as we did the past month in Easton getting together new merch and the kickstarter. And new awesome videos. You did think they were awesome, didn’t you? Yeah, that’s the power of the super computer, the non-portable desktop.

Now we have a new CD to sell and more buttons and lots of flyers to spam the hell out of every town we stop in and new business cards and really cool yellow tights (thanks page).

east cackalacky kid friendly covers

printing cd covers in easton

A few of the towns we’ll be busking:

Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago, Madison, St Louis, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, TX, Santa Fe, Santa Barbara, San Louis Obispo, San Francisco

This is busking mania. Spread the word yo.


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