Living in a Van Tip #4

#4 – Bungee chords

I’ve already mentioned milk crates as the cheapest and quickest solution for van storage, but I failed to mention one problem. If you use milk crates, or any other form of storage that’s not permanently attached to the van, you’ll need something to secure those units so they don’t go flying on sharp turns.

Bungee chords are fantastic! Here’s our weird system for connecting them:

Here one end of the bungee is attached to the hanger

The other end is attached to the back of the seatbelt

bungee chord van travel system

And that forms the main line at the top to which all other bungee chords are attached

living in a van milk crate system

If you’re using milk crates you can attach one end of the bungee to the top line and another to the milk crate itself

milk crate shelves in an astro van

yet another advantage of that homeless critter

Bungee chords can also be used, in a pinch, to attach stuff to the roof. You can use them as a clothesline to dry clothes (if, for example, you left the van door window open and it started to rain in the middle of the night. Or you peed the bed.) You can use them to hang a curtains. You can use them to walk your dog. You can flatten your boobs to avoid getting harassed.

The list goes on. Be creative. This is living in a van after all. Rules? Pshhhh.


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