This Week’s Virtual Busker

I have it! Hahahah.

It needs some back story, though.

We both have been working shitty minimum wage jobs to support our music habit. This inspired us to take a song we were working on and write verses based on our job experiences.

Because I want to get it online in the next 25 minutes, and because the video I have is pretty hilarious I’m gonna post it without editing even though  you can’t understand what the hell we are saying.

After I give y’all a chance to wonder what we’re doing (and enjoy Gretchen, our videographer’s, laughter) we’ll record better quality audio to add to the video we have, and make a nicer one to throw up later in the week.

But if you like looking at us as much as I like looking at us, then you’ll love this video!

By the way. When we got booted, the manager told us that we weren’t allowed to have the camera but we were allowed to play music in the store.

I now encourage all of you to take your guitars into Kroger and see what happens. Hey, manager said it was okay! And, p.s., sorry Kroger’s advertising team but let’s all lighten up a little bit and have fun.



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