Bars, Receipts and Charts:What This Busker Eats

Remember the “Busking Profits for the week of…” series? I was also taking notes on what we spent those weeks. Detailed, including 50 cents on tolls. Confessional, go!

The Results

From Monday Sept-12th through Monday October 10th we spent $720.36. We earned: $1086.38. That gives us a profit of: $366.02. Well, that’s not so bad! I mean, could be WAY worse. I think back to the earnings of the Ascetic Death March…

The (slightly) organized list of all expenses including day, how much, where, what kind of stuff: Expenses Summary

Let’s break apart that $720. Check out this nifty pie charts…

Expensese Pie Chart

Travel Expenses for North American Tour

The not surprises:

Gas (30%), Supplies (26%) and Food(25%) were the biggest expenses.

This month included the $100+ dollars we spent re-doing the van floor, which is more money than we usual spend per month.  However, if we averaged over a year, probably a significant portion of money goes into maintaining the van (oil changes, cleaning the egr, changing the spark plugs, multiple temporary registrations, multiple smog checks, etc), even if it’s not spread out evenly through time.

The (slight) surprises.

Well, thank god we don’t have to admit to being alcoholics! Booze turns out to be only %7 of our monthly expenses.

Coffee is at 5%, but I would bet we probably spend more money on coffee than I recorded because it’s easy to buy a cup at a local coffee shop, forget the receipt, spend 4 hours on the computer and then forget the incident ever happened.

Non-booze drinks are for sodas and arizona’s and other sweet drinks; it’s a category I included just for spite because I was feeling resentful that Tom likes to drink ice tea and soda. Looking at it, though, $22 a month really isn’t bad and I’ll concede it’s not a terrible habit.

The amount of money we spent on water was negligible and mostly included in other grocery bills. We did a really good job of using water fountains!

Food Breakdown

What musicians eat and why they're all crazy

Where we buy food

Let’s talk about food first. Ewww, ewww, eww! Damn, 64% of the food we buy is from Fast Food places. No wonder we’re miserable and out of shape!

Actually, it’s a wonder we’re not more miserable and more out of shape. We do pretty well, considering.

That’s probably because I included 7-11 as a Fast Food joint. Which it is. But I would assume that $1 pizza is still better for you than $1 mcdonalds sandwhich.

Speaking of which, how did we spend so much money at mcDonalds? Well, probably because they have breakfast and coffee and it’s nice to get an endlessly refillable cup of coffee when you don’t know where else to go early in the morning and need to figure out where you are after sleeping in a walmart parking lot. You know how it is!

Am I proud of that chart?

Well I sure wish I had more choice. But unless you have a convenient place to prepare food, fast food is the best option. ‘Specially because mcdonalds and wendys dollar chicken sandwhiches have enough calories to be almost a full meal. For real.

Just be thankful for your job. What jobs buy you: not having to eat fast food. And at this point in time in my life I will be happy if I never walk into another fast food restaurant, EVER. But it’s bound to happen.


The best places to buy booze if you're poor


Yes! I’m so happy we spent the most amount of our booze money at Trader Joes. Local liquor stores-see! I buy local!!! Support your immigrants (hey, don’t get on my ass, it’s true! I’ve been to more Indian and Pakistani run liquor stores than anything else)


Thrift stores are fun to brows. NEXT!

Starbucks doesn't win for taste but the internet is delicious!Well, Starbucks wins. They’re everywhere, you see. And they close later. And, and, and…this chart could very well be skewed. I’m sure there are a handful of dollar coffees at mcDonalds that got mixed into ‘meal time’ at mcDonalds.

That’s it folks! I’m done recording receipts for a while. They get lost in a van too easily. But maybe the next time I do a breakdown we’ll have found ways not to eat fast food. I’d like to look cooler, please, thanks god!


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