What Is Going On, All You Fools

Have you seen the Virtual Busking Experience yet?Smokin' in the Kitchen

That would be a video a week for your viewing pleasure. Check it out! Also if you feel inclined to donate we will write you a song (30s-2 minutes long) based on a theme that YOU provide. So pick something interesting, please!

In apologetic news

Been rough updating with all the non-fun, job-run, looking for real work bulshit which is going to make me a sedentary loser.

In other news, no way I’m abandoning this, no how, back off, shitty computer or not!

What I will do instead is update twice a week, on appointed days that I will more or less NEVER fail. Because I never fail.

It’s a  Sunday and Wednesday blog now!


(no, i’m serious, sunday and wednesday)

They’ll be something, even if it’s an itty bitty something. I mean, there are more videos to come (probably once a week).

In Mundane News

Besides job-searching, volunteering is amazing. Especially when they offer you a free computer for your efforts (thanks Free IT Athens http://www.freeitathens.org/), or a 20% discount on food you can’t actually afford even with the discount (thanks Daily Groceries http://www.facebook.com/pages/Daily-Groceries-Co-op/163345534332 in a building owned by Michael Stipe).

House sitting and learning the fine art of silencing a begging pug (thanks Carol Anne and Ziva for your Buddhist hospitality).

Trying to wrap my head around the GA meetings of the Occupy Movement, but seriously committed to ditching Bank of America (no thanks $5 banking fees and hidden, hidden evil costs that steal your curdled breast milk).

Becoming a fan of Bike Polo (and hitting my pubic bone while trying it out).

There’s more. Oh, there’s so much more. And there’s old too. Stay tuned.

Oh yeah, and I’m in Athens.


2 thoughts on “What Is Going On, All You Fools

  1. Hey, I heard BofA ditched that $5 idea. Sorry to disappoint. 😦
    And hey! HOW do I donate to get a song going? I have some REEEEALLLY good ideas up my sleeve (mwahahahahahhaaaaaa). yes. that was evil laughter. 🙂

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