Alright We Made Money!!!

Alright, we made money!  Look, that’s $700!  That was only in 2 weeks!


Yet… we only made $80 the week before, so the total for the 3 weeks was $783 and some odd change that could have amounted to $5 or $10.


It looks great, right?  Its looked great typing and counting it the past few days.

It didn’t feel too successful last week, though.  Or, it felt successful on Saturday, but by Tuesday I was crying myself to sleep.

i luv nyWe made all that money, we were making money, we were loved and adored and appreciated in Portland, Maine, and then we had to go play a show in New York City.  Well, really, we didn’t have to.  But we had a show in New York to play, so why not play it?  Plus, a chance to see old friends and, (giddy here) busk New York.  Both seem worth it.

Well, before going to New York, we figured, let’s stop in Easton first.  BAD IDEA.  BAD IDEA! BAD IDEA!!! When are we going to learn leave Easton alone?

Besides the epic week-long rain of the Lehigh Valley, 4 days of no busking and no work means our meager savings went kaput.  Eating is good.  And so is getting around, and so is entertaining oneself.  Can’t do without booze.  Especially in the Lehigh Valley.

Honestly, thinking it over now, if we hadn’t gone to Easton we probably wouldn’t have lost as much.

Here’s what happened in 5 days:

Busking Profits, Last Week, as of September

All that work gets extinguished very quickly


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