East Cackalacky’s 30 Day Busking Challenge

I play music!  And I’m a nomad!

I’m in this band called the East Cackalacky Ascetic Marching Death Band.

blah, blah!

The East Cackalacky Ascetic Marching Death Band circa January

A lot of you probably already know that. There’s two of us and we created the band as a front for our wanderlust.  Traveler’s with a music problem.

We’re like, really cool and legit man.  We went on 2 tours:

tour 1

Tour 1: Before names and flyers were invented

And we’ve only been around as a band for less than a year.  We stayed broker than your drunkle and happier than socially awkward straight edgers, yet we still managed to kick a laughing audience’s ass. And we’re better than Ghost Mice.

Tour 1: Part 2

Tour 1: Part 2: It just kept on going

The Midwest Tour
The Summer Midwest Tour!

Not to mention we also spent all last summer busking around.  That was before we had a name though.  The name makes us a real band.

In July East Cackalacky was ready to plan it’s 3rd tour.  Then we realized, drunkle’s are only good for a one night stand when you just dumped your girlfriend/boyfriend, and old bums get abandoned at Sally’s.  We need a new plan of attack.

New Goals

Money for Nothin', Chicks for Free

We want $!!!

We want a laptop and a security deposit so we can rent a house.

We want a new guitar and money to record with.  We want to fix the windshield on our van! We want to be able to eat real vegetables, not nutritionally lacking canned green beans!

We want $ but we don’t want to work office jobs.  We’re not there yet! Have you met a lot of happy office workers?  Office workers are always coming up to us and envying our lives.

We want $!  We want to make $ from playing music.  We want office worker’s envy.

We’ve been living in Easton, PA for the past few months between tours to make money.  But it blows rust belt smoke.  Living in Easton doesn’t make us feel cool, it makes us feel like stuck working class adults on the verge of alcoholism.

Celing damage

Plus, living in Easton's got problems. Like the ceiling falling in.

But we know we’re cool. I mean, so many bums have told us we’ve got it!  We need that loving feeling back.

Our solution: busk New England.  Crunchier, NPR fighting New England with quaint tourist towns and that thing we want: $. Busking makes us feel like we’re in charge of the town.

Here’s the plan that Tom and I worked out.  We make more money busking than playing coffee shops and tiny bars.  So busking we will go. Why New England? We’ve already done the West, the Midwest, the South, the Southwest.  Northeast time.

The Challenge

Let’s say we can make $40/day busking.  Forty dollars a day over 30 days would make us $1200.  And if we only spend $300 dollars of it, that’s a legit laptop.  Or almost enough to rent a cheap house.

$40 a day averages to $280 a week.  But there’s also the weekends where money is easier to be made and we have made up to $100 dollars for Friday and Saturday nights.

So let’s say we actually are making $80 on Friday and Saturday.  That would leave 120 dollars to be divided into the remaining 5 days and we get: $24/day.

That seems totally do-able.  Right buskers???

A cartoon?  oh no!

Earn like a pro, live like a bum

The tricky part is not spending the money.  Spending $300 dollars a month?  How the hell can this be possible?Especially for 2 people?

Here’s how we figure we can do it:Sally's Diner

1) Food stamps. (well, technically we don’t have any yet…but we won’t be in PA anymore!)

2) Sally’s

3) Leftover $ from Ebay

4) We managed to cross the country in an astrovan with gas prices at $4/gallon, and the entire time we only made a total of $700 in two months.

Ambitious or Bumitious?

I have suspect this is going to fail.  I mean, spending only $300 dollars?  Making ourselves busk everyday?  ACK!  It’s never worked before, really.

BUT-busking’s still a better story.  Busking’s still music practice.  It ain’t gonna make us rich, but hopefully it’ll make us way wackier in order to catch the attention of apathetic passer-bys.

So here we go!  And I’m going to write day by day.  To record my opinions, our progress, and see how this goes. That doesn’t mean I’ll update daily.  I live out of a freakin’ van!  But I’ll write daily. Failure or success.  Somehow we have to get better at this money making thing!

Because this:

Chicken and Roses

Christian Chicken and Roses-the higher echelon of society

Is way nicer than this:

A comfortable Place to Sleep

A Clean, Well-Air Conditioned Nap Spot


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