Annapolis was a mixture of Bum Pee and Old Pirates

So, if you’ll remember, we had just passed out behind the Thai restaurant after escaping Otter.  Well, I’ll tell you that was one of the worse nights of sleep I’ve ever had.  So bad that I had to deal with the realization that  We Could Make $100, if I Could Just Get a Few More Hours of Sleep.  So we spent our day trying to cope with delirium but without a choice to play at night because, once again, we were broke, broke, broke.  Was it because of booze?

There’s nothing like playing to an audience of one, especially when you end up Missing the Punk Kids while surrounded by the Smell of Bum Pee.

But all this wasting time aside.  Everything got a lot better, though, when I ran into a weird guy with not a smile and a like for Elephants on Ice.  Especially because this guy offered us a place to stay on his friend’s boat.
Wohoo, this is one of my FAVORITE stories from this summer.  I swear, if you read anything, you should read this.  We stayed on a boat with this old rock star who out-partied the fuck out of us while his friends sat on and listened.  It was all the culmination of steak that had Been Marinating 48 Hours.  Anyway it’s full of good characters.

One of those characters, our aging rock star, had to walk us backdown town the next morning–Do you remember CPT? (Colored People Time?) Yeah, well he was on OPT (Old Pirate Time).  It was rather infuriating.

But Annapolis was done, obstacles and all.  But then I was onto the obstacle of trying to explain to my friend I was meeting in D.C. why I was so goddamned poor and dirty.


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